Stainless and Aluminum Tig Welding Services

We constantly get phone calls asking if we can do weld jobs whether its for a boat, a misc bracket for a car, a repair on a machine, from car dealerships needing things repaired, from engine machine shops needing a head welded etc. asking if we can weld stainless and/or aluminum.  Some people dont seem to care about the appearance of the weld as long as you can make 2...

Staying busy building turbo manifolds

A couple of B series top mount manifolds all finished up. The one on the left is our EG "BIG TURBO" manifold that allows you to run a large frame turbo with out having to cut the hood. It has a open T4 collector and 60mm Tial wastegate. The one on the right is a Twin Scroll T4 manifold with dual 44mm Tial wastegates. 



Tempest Maryland flag T-shirts!!

If you live in Maryland, if you are from Maryland, or if you have been to Maryland, you need one of these! We should have the first batch of these Tshirts in soon!! We will be sure to make an announcement once they arive!