Stainless and Aluminum Tig Welding Services

Posted April 05 2014

We constantly get phone calls asking if we can do weld jobs whether its for a boat, a misc bracket for a car, a repair on a machine, from car dealerships needing things repaired, from engine machine shops needing a head welded etc. asking if we can weld stainless and/or aluminum.  Some people dont seem to care about the appearance of the weld as long as you can make 2 pieces of metal stick together, and others you can tell want to make sure its going to look good before they let you begin welding.  Luckily we always have examples in the shop to show people before we begin, to assure them we are not going to booger up their parts. Figure id throw up an example of each here so you can see what we do before you make a trip down to have something welded! 



Both Stainless Steel (left) and Aluminum (right) have a very unique appearance.  Which do you like better, Stainless or Aluminum?