Dyno Tuning

Usually the last step for your project before it hits the streets or the track is the dyno. Properly tuning the engine is the most important step in making reliable power. The countless hours and dollars you spend researching, purchasing, and installing your high performance parts all come together during the tuning process. We use our Dyanapack 4000 and Dynapack 2000 dynos for tuning ensuring we achieve safe and optimal engine performance. Our dyno also has a built in boost sensor and MoTeC PLM wideband. We also have an additional MoTeC PLM wideband we use to log directly through the ecu when tuning! We only use the best equipment here at Tempest Racing!
Q: What is your background in tuning? Certified?
A: EFI101 certified and MoTeC V3 certified through EFI university. 8+ years of experience
Q:What programs/ecus can you tune?
A: All hondata products: s100/s200/s300/kpro/flashpro, AEM, MoTeC, HP tuners, Haltec, SCT are the most popular. if you're using a different system you don't see listed, we still may tune it. Contact us for more info.
Q: What equipment do you use for tuning?
A: We have a Dynapack 4000 and a Dynapack 2000 chassis dynos. We can use either dyno independently doing 2 cars at a time, or link the dynos together to do AWD vehicles. We use an external MoTeC Professional Lambda Meter (PLM) for precise air fuel ratio monitoring, and our Dynapack dynos both have a built in MoTeC PLM as well.
Q: How can someone schedule an appointment or find out pricing?
A: We try to prioritize dyno tuning, and keep our schedule as flexible as possible. Please call or email to set up an appointment!