NLR - AMS-1000 Boost Controller


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The AMS-1000 multi-channel Air Management System represents the latest in digital boost control technology. A Motorola 50-Mhz 16-bit processor is used to provide accurate and extremely fast control. A 128x64 pixel graphical LCD is used to provide a live display of data and inputs. GUI (Graphical User Interface) style operating system makes setup and programming more intuitive and user friendly. Data logging is integrated into the AMS-1000 and provides the user with instant feedback on the performance and real time operating parameters. The Data is presented as a Graph with a scrolling capability for detailed data information. If only the main boost channel is used for control of a waste gate the Aux channel MAP Sensor input then can be used to log actual manifold pressure. If both channels are used for control then the logged data will represent the real time pressure applied to each channel during operation.

Support for multiple types and pressure range MAP sensors have been provided so the system can be tailored to an individuals needs. Sensor inputs are continuously monitored and any error conditions are reported to the user.GM 3 bar0 to 30 psi range.
  • SSI 5 bar 0 to 60 psi range
  • SSI 6.5 bar 0 to 99 psi range
Multiple operating modes are available to the user: Time Based, Shift Based, and GPS (Gear Position Sensor):
  • Time Based One to six timed stages are available with this mode of operation. Each stage has an adjustable timer to control the duration. The Ramp Rate (rate at which the pressure is applied) is adjustable from 0 to 100 psi per second. A Ramp Rate setting of 0 does not disable the stage. The target psi will instantly rise at the end of any timed stage with a 0 Ramp Rate setting. The target psi can be increased or decreased over time to achieve the desired Boost Profile.
  • Shift Based One to six stages are available and are controlled by a shift-input signal. The Ramp Rate for each stage is programmable as well as the Target psi for each stage (gear position). The Ramp Rate settings perform the same functions as in Time Based mode.
  • GPS Based One to six stages are available and are controlled by a 0-5 volt analog Input signal. This mode is for newer sport bikes or any vehicle that produces a different voltage for each gear position. A switch that produces a different voltage for each position can be used to select different boost profiles (up to six) on vehicles that do not use a Gear Position Sensor system. The Ramp Rate for each stage is programmable as well as the Target psi for each stage (gear position). The Ramp Rate settings perform the same functions as in Time Based Mode. Data logging is NOT available with this mode of operation.

The controller comes with everything you need to hook it up and start using it except for the external air source, if desired.

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  • Billet aluminum enclosure and all parts are specified over an extended temperature range.
  • Vibration and weather proof.
  • System software can be erased and reprogrammed by the factory for future software updates.
  • User settings will remain for up to 20 years with no power applied. No back up batteries are needed.
  • Factory default RESET available in the options menu to restore controller to state it was out of the box from the factory.
  • Launch mode programmable to range of selected MAP sensor.
  • Scramble boost to apply an amount of pressure that you program to the gate, thus increasing boost no matter where in the main program you are currently at. Think of it as an emergency boost button (kinda like a shot of nitrous) Remove the signal and it goes back to current target psi. Can be used as a single stage of boost.
  • Reduce boost which works the opposite of scramble. It will remove a programmed amount from the current target psi. If you spin stab a button and it will reduce power instantly.
  • Delay timer for Activation in Shift Based Mode and First stage of Time based mode may be used as a delay timer.
  • Programmable Ramp Rate to control the rate at which the pressure is applied. 0 to 100 psi range
  • Dual output channels available or the auxiliary channel may be used for live boost pressure data viewing and data logging. Basically there are 2 controllers in 1 box. You can control multiple waste gates , valves, blow offs on supercharged systems thus giving you boost control.
  • Integrated Dual channel data logger with 35 seconds of record for each channel. Graph view of logged data. Logged data will remain until it is erased by user.
  • Graph view of programmed settings.
  • Display backlight and contrast is user adjustable from the options menu.
  • Help screens and setup wizards to help with setup.
  • Most inputs can be configured for + 12volt or ground activation.
  • All inputs have input protection diodes. All outputs have integrated noise suppression devices to clamp fly back voltage from solenoids.
  • Outputs short circuit protected and over current protected( 7 amp Maximum)
  • Reverse battery protection.
** NOTE Target PSI is the amount applied to the waste-gate and is NOT the actual Manifold Boost Psi! **